Christ Centered

Christ-centered environment. Small classes.  Top notch education. Teachers who genuinely want to be there and be a positive influence in my child’s life.  A family focused school that cares.  Why wouldn’t I want my child there? 

Deb, parent of a 5th grader

Family Atmosphere

 We chose HCS for many reasons, small classes and caring teachers was a big reason, its reputation for academic excellence along with a Christian environment that builds strong character was another great reason.  We are amazed at how kind everyone at the school is and couldn’t be happier with our choice to come there.  It feels like an extended family that is teaching our child, and keeping the families informed and part of the process makes it all that much more inviting. 

Cara, parent of a 2nd grader


Quality Education


 I send my daughter to Hershey Christian School because I want her to get a quality education while also learning and keeping the values that our family holds dear, such as our love for Jesus Christ.  I love that the classes are small and the teachers and staff are some of the most loving people I know.  Since it is not my family’s design to have me stay at home, it is nice to have a place I love and trust to send my daughter to.  There is no other place I would rather have her learn. 

Angela, parent of a 2nd grader


Solid Values

 My husband and I chose Hershey Christian based on the outstanding academics, small classes, solid values and learning based on the Bible.  We fell in love with HCS because of the loving teachers and staff that made us feel so welcome from our first visit.  Every time I tell people about the school I get teary eyed because I still am amazed at how much love is in this school and how much everyone genuinely cares for each other. With my children spending eight hours away each day there is no place I’d rather them be! 

Monica, parent of a 2nd grader and kindergartner


Christian Worldview

 Hershey Christian School provides both a Christian based education and a loving environment for my kids to learn.  We like that they are learning information, and not studying towards a state mandate. 

Andrew, parent of a 3rd and 7th grader

Loving Environment

 We love Hershey Christian because it provides a warm, safe and loving Christian environment with great teachers, administrators and a sound curriculum. We looked at so many schools.  None of them had such a complete package as Hershey Christian. 

Bobbi Jo


Why Hershey Christian?

At Hershey Christian, it’s our mission to provide students with a “well rounded education that equips them to live faithful, God-honoring lives, whatever their vocation or calling.”  That’s not a public relations statement; it’s an earnest commitment to the One whom we serve and to all the parents who entrust us with their children.

All aspects of our school from open lockers to weekly chapel have been put in place to create a warm environment of mutual trust and responsibility.  Positive peer influences and high expectations help our students learn important life lessons that they carry well beyond the classroom.
God has allowed us to build for a number of years, but not with concrete, metal, drywall, and brick.  He has allowed us to build within.  He has called our staff, teachers, and our families together to build a strong spiritual foundation that has created a strong academic, social, and extracurricular program.

God has also immensely blessed and prospered our school, enabling us to provide a top-notch education that centers on glorifying God in all academic disciplines.  Our primary goal has always been to glorify God and educate students in a God-centered atmosphere.  God has honored this goal and enabled our school to excel in academics and in the Arts, exceeding testing scores of public schools and receiving awards.

But, why settle for what we have to tell you?  Why don’t you listen to what our parents have to say by clicking on the links above?  You can also come see for yourself.  Use the “Schedule a Visit” link to plan your visit.