While other schools are cutting the arts, we feel knowledge and experience of the arts is a critical piece to a student’s overall academic, social and spiritual development.

Al Roth, Headmaster

Wow! The kids are actually ‘allowed’ to sing Christmas songs at Christmastime. At my daughter’s former school, their school program had to be a ‘Winterfest’ with no mention of ‘Christmas.’

Deb, parent of a 5th grader

Hershey Christian School offers a variety of musical opportunities for students.  Elementary school students take part in classroom general music and instrumental lessons are available to students in grades 3-12.  Middle school students take part in general music courses in American and World music and are able to participate in the middle school choir and concert band.  High school music electives in music appreciation and music theory are available in addition to high school choir and concert band.  Extra-curricular music opportunities include jazz band, small instrumental ensembles and small vocal ensembles.  Solo and group performance opportunities are provided throughout the school year.

Hershey Christian School’s art program provides students  in K-12 with the opportunity to experience a wide range of artistic activities.  Students discover and develop their artistic skills through the exploration of various media including graphite, watercolor, collage, acrylic paint, vine and compressed charcoal, oil paint, clay sculpture, and mixed media assignments.  Both the ability to accurately perceive the physical world and to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the elements and principles of design are emphasized as foundational skills necessary for the consistent creation of powerful and coherent artwork.

Students at Hershey Christian School have many opportunities to participate in plays and musicals.  All elementary students participate in two annual musical productions that showcase what they have learned throughout the year.   The school also offers Secondary concerts that feature music students.  Additionally, the school produces a Spring play or musical each year; depending on the show, students of all ages are invited to audition.

At Hershey Christian School, students are exposed to foreign language beginning in elementary  school.  Classes are also offered in Spanish for middle and high school students.  Every other year, high school students get to practice their foreign language skills by taking a mission trip to a Spanish-speaking country.